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Welcome to Kids4Kenya

Kids4Kenya is a 501 C 3 registered charity based in Baltimore, MD. Kids4Kenya provides funding and support for the development of Primary School education facilities and infrastructure in the Kasigau region of Southwestern Kenya. Learn more about us here.

Teachers Fund - 2013

We are in desperate need of funds to support salaries for teachers at our schools. $160 per month pay the entire salary of a qualified teacher and without this professional support we cannot fully utilize the facilities that have been built. In 2013 we need to provide funding for at least three teachers and your support would be most gratefully received. Just $20 per month would make a big difference. Please help us by Subscribing to the Teachers Fun below. Thank you!

Kisimenyi - 2013

Inaugural Ceremony June 2013- Kisimenyi School is transformed!

Watch this video to find out more.....

Click here to visit the Kisimenyi School page.

Thank you and stay tuned for future events and initiatives!


The Kids4Kenya team

Georgie Teuten, Taylor Broom, Cole Whitehurst, Caroline D'Ambrogi, Cole Carrera, Will Whitehurst, Peter Teuten, Susan Stern, Melanie Carrera, Matt Kozak, Scott Broom, Mette Stenmark, Astri Doub, Rob and Siri Lise Doub, Grace Boyce, Claire Bolster, Julie Burkett, Richard Goodhue, Avery Meyer 

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